Tutorial: How To Boil Perm Doll Hair

All about the Curls!

I have been busy with commissions and I happened to know someone who does a stellar job with curling doll hair, so today’s tutorial is brought to you by my wonderfully talented customizer friend, Marcy Dice!

This tutorial is to create tight ringlets. She has used this method on factory rooted hair ( which is saran on most dolls like Monster High, Ever After High, Barbie and similar sized dolls) as well as The Doll Planet Premium Nylon. This awesome custom Catty was rerooted with hair from The Doll Planet and then Boil Permed.

“Star Noir”- Custom Re-root by Marcy Dice using 6 different shades from The Doll Planet.

The following photos are beautifully clear and straight forward.


*You can use larger straws for larger ringlets if desired*



The tin foil takes a little patience to get used to, but I highly recommend it because I have tried it without the tin foil and the results are not as nice.





boil-perm-monster-high-how-to-8 - Copy



If you want looser “casual” curls, only let dry for 30 minutes-hour. For tighter curls I usually do this in the evening and let dry overnight because I personally get impatient and then pull them out too soon!



Big thanks to Marcy for not only sharing her boil perm method but providing lovely photos and clear directions!

In my experience, most boil permed hair can be brushed out if you want to style the hair and loosen the curls. If you want the hair to be straight again, you have to boil the hair again if working with factory hair. If you are using hair from The Doll Planet, it can be straightened with a flat iron on about 300 degrees. I use my flat iron on this hair all the time and get lovely results!

Styling hair is such a fun part of customizing, so I hope this helps get some creative juices flowing so you can create your own unique hairstyles!

Happy Hair-ing!


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2 thoughts on “Tutorial: How To Boil Perm Doll Hair

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    1. Hi Marie! Because of how Marcy submerges the hair, the neck rests on the ledge and the face is facing upward and is un-touched. She is able to prevent the face from being submerged in the water this way. Most doll customizers I have talked to, myself included, reroot and perm before repainting the face. Everyone has their own technique when it comes to the order of how they customize. I have done it both ways and prefer to reroot first just to be on the safe side.


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